Frequently Asked Questions

    Authentic Products

  • Are all items on Polo Avenue authentic?

    As an authorized online retailer we only sell authentic products, which are sent to you in their original packaging.

  • Customer Service

  • Couldn't answer your questions?

    If you require further assistance or if you have any questions, please contact our customer care representatives at, or call us at +2348039004000, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm CAT and Saturday, from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm CAT (with the exception of Nigerian public holidays).

  • Exchanges

  • Would you like to exchange one or more item from your order?

    All purchased items can be exchanged within 10 working days of receipt, at the shoppers cost. The exchange policy only applies if the items are in mint condition i.e., have not been worn, altered or washed and all tags have to be attached. Return/exchange shipments have to be sent using the service used for the original delivery (UPS). Please be aware that we can only exchange an item for the same item in a different size. We can only accept exchanges from the country which the shipment was sent to. For more specific information, please refer to the "exchanges" section.

  • Gift Cards

  • Would you like to redeem a gift card or a promotion code?

    You can redeem your Gift Card at checkout once you have added your preferred items to the "shopping bag". Your code is directly on your Gift Card or in your Gift Card email. Enter this code in the "Gift Card/promotion code" field at checkout. Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the code and make sure that it is intended for use in your country/currency. Click on "use code" to redeem your Gift Card.

  • Would you like to check the balance on your gift card?

    You can check the balance on your Gift Card at any time, simply click on the "Gift Card" link at the bottom of our homepage to get to the gift card page. Please enter the Gift Card code in the designated field, making sure to pay attention to the correct spelling. Click on "check balance" to see the current balance on your Gift Card.

  • Would you like to give someone a Polo Avenue gift card?

    You can purchase a Gift Card by clicking on the "gift card" menu on our homepage. You will be redirected to a new page in which you can choose whether you would like to order a Gift Card that will be sent in an email or one that will be sent in the mail. You can also choose a motif for the Gift Card and add a personal message.

  • How do i use a gift card online?

    At the checkout, enter your Gift Card number and pin code. The number is located on the reverse of your card and the pin code is located under the scratch-off panel.

    Up to five Gift Cards may be used in a single order. The total balance of one Gift Card will be used before a second payment method is requested.

    Polo Avenue Gift Cards can only be used as payment for orders being delivered within Nigeria and being paid for in Naira/USD.

  • Can i purchase a Polo Avenue gift card online?

    Gift Cards that are purchased online are only available for Nigeria delivery. These will be dispatched separately to the rest of your order and will be sent by UPS (with estimated delivery times of 3-5 days). If you would like to send a Gift Card abroad, please contact our Customer Loyalty team. You may purchase a Polo Avenue Gift Card online. The card can be loaded with any amount from $100 to $2000. If you would like to purchase any Gift Cards with a higher value, please visit our customer service team in-store or send an email to customersuppo

  • Newsletter

  • Would you like to unsubscribe from our newsletter?

    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. In order to cancel your subscription, please click on "UNSUBSCRIBE" at the bottom of your newsletter.

  • Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?

    If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter you can register by entering your email address in the designated field at the bottom of our homepage. You will be redirected to the registration form by clicking "sign up". Please fill in your name, date of birth, and your preferred country and language. You can complete your registration to our newsletter by clicking on "complete registration". If you would like to unsubscribe, you may do so at any time.

  • Payments

  • Did you do a wire transfer and would like to know if we have received your payments?

    Your package will be shipped for local and international transactions within 72 hours and 5 days respectively, when payment is received and an email sent to you with your package's tracking number.

  • What payment methods does Polo Avenue accepts?

    Depending on what country your order is being shipped to, Polo Avenue accepts various payment methods. We accept credit cards for most countries. You can find out more about which payment methods are accepted for your country in the "payment" tab.

  • Shipping and Tracking your order

  • Would you like to track your order and find out when it will get delivered?

    You will receive an email with your parcel's tracking number as soon as UPS has picked it up from our warehouse. You can track the status of your order to find out where it currently is and when it will get delivered at any time using this tracking number.

  • Would you like to receive your order as quickly as possible?

    If you live in Lagos you can choose the "express courier" option as your "shipping method" and you will receive your order within 3 hours. The fastest option for customers in other cities/countries is either UPS Express.

  • Can i cancel or amend my order?

    Please contact us on should you wish to cancel or amend your order and a member of the team will guide you through the process.Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information on your cancellation rights.

  • How do i know that i have successfully placed an order?

    We will send you an email to acknowledge that we have received your order. You can track your parcel online by clicking the link shown on your email or by signing in to your online account and selecting 'Order History'.Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information on how to place an order online.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Our shipping costs vary depending on what country your order is being shipped to. You can find out more about shipping costs for your country in the "shipping" tab.

  • User Account & Password

  • Would you like to place an order without creating a user account?

    You can always place your order as a guest on, without creating a user account. Once you're ready to checkout, you will be forwarded to the sign in page. Simply choose the option "proceed without login". Once you have entered your shipping and billing address information and your payment method you will be asked to "confirm" your order. You can choose to uncheck the box marked "create a user account using my personal information" before confirming and completing the order.

  • Would you like to change your password?

    You can change your password by hovering over "my account" at the top of the homepage, or by clicking on "my account". Then click on "did you forget your password?" and enter your email address. You will receive an email shortly after doing so with your new user details. Log in using the user details that have just been sent to you making sure to pay attention to the correct spelling. Once you're logged in you can change your password by clicking on "my account information" in the "my overview" menu.

  • Would you like to change your personal information?

    To change your personal information simply log-into your account. You can view all your information by clicking on "my account information". You can edit your personal information by clicking on "account information".

  • Would you like to create a user account?

    You can create a new user account by hovering over "my account" at the top of the homepage. A fly out window will appear. Simply click on the "create an account" button at the bottom of the fly out window. Alternately, you can click on "my account" and a new page will open, in which you can follow the link to "create an account".All you need to create a user account is your title, name, email address, and a personal password. You can change and edit your personal information at any time. This information is confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.

  • Wishlist and Notification Alerts

  • Would you like to be notified if there is only a piece left of your favourite item?

    Once you're logged in to your user account you can add items to your wish list and activate the last-piece alert. If there is only one item left, you will be notified by email.

  • When will my favourite piece go on sale? Sale alert

    You have the possibility of having us notify you as soon as a certain item goes on sale. Once you're logged in to your user account you can add items to your wish list and activate the sale alert. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, that way you will kept up to date on all of our offers and what is going on in our web shop.

  • Your favourite piece is sold out? Back in stock alert

    Once you're logged in to your user account you can add items to your wish-list and activate the back-in-stock alert. You will be notified automatically when your favourite item has been restocked in your size. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the item you have chosen will be restocked.

  • Would you like to add an item to your wishlists?

    The wishlist is a great way to keep track of your personal must-haves and their availability. Plus, it just takes one click to move an item from your wishlist into your shopping bag.