Step into the world of new-age Afrobeats, where the rhythm is as fresh as a fashion runway and the voices are as vibrant as a palette of colours! These emerging stars aren’t just making waves in the Afrobeats scene, they’re creating a fashion-forward revolution with every beat they drop. Hold onto your haute couture, because Teen Vogue had an exclusive sit-down with three of these rising luminaries: Ayra Starr, Victony, and BNXN. And let me tell you, they didn’t just show up – they made a stylish entrance, draped in the elegance of Polo Avenue and adorned with the sparkle of Swarovski Nigeria.

BNXN spoke to Teen Vogue donning a lemon Paisley patterned shirt from Etro, complemented by a Dolce & Gabbana bejewelled blazer in sleek black from Polo Avenue. This ensemble isn’t just an outfit; it’s a symphony of confidence that echoes his musical versatility, ranging from Amapiano to classic Afro-pop and the energetic vibes of Nigerian street pop are setting the tone for a harmonious fusion of genres.

Victony’s journey is a crescendo of determination and evolution. Armed with an innate competitive spirit, he persevered in the face of challenges, polished his craft, and now he’s delivering musical gems that hit all the right notes. Victony spoke to Teen Vogue at his Lekki residence, where his aura harmonized seamlessly with his classic Lisa Folawiyo ensemble and the exquisite jewellery pieces from Swarovski Nigeria.

Set against the backdrop of Teen Vogue, the queen of this trio, Ayra Starr, effortlessly sashays in a Fruche raffia dress, complemented by Amina Muaddi sandals from Polo Avenue. Rounding off the look are Swarovski crystal bracelets and a ring to accentuate her entire ensemble.

Polo Avenue has continued to expand its horizons and set the standard in fashion.

Ladies and gentlemen, discover your exclusive luxury designers at Polo Avenue boutiques in Lagos and Abuja, and join these Afrobeats trailblazers who are striking the chords of fashion and music, one impeccable ensemble and electrifying melody at a time.

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