10 Summer Must-Have Items in your Travel Itinerary

Summer is here, and the time for vacations and some much-needed fun in the sun. if you are planning a summer trip this period and you don’t know where to start, do not despair. In this article, we will share 10 summer must-haves for the perfect holiday.

These selected items have been specially curated to help you have a blast while on holiday and unforgettably create memories.

Polo Boss Lady Eyewear

Exclusive to Polo Avenue, the Anna – Karin Karlsson Polo Boss Lady Eyewear is a fan favourite. Big, bold and audacious, this uber-chic pair of sunglasses comes in the luxury eyewear designer’s signature oversized frames with a peculiar style. Each piece features one flat hexagonal frame and another square frame, each bejewelled with hundreds of hand-set crystals. This sunglass comes with a protective case and can be worn day to night. They also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun while exuding confidence and glamour as you go about your day.


Sneakers are considered an essential part of fashion. They may not be glamorous like heels but they certainly are more comfortable to wear.  They are comfortable yet chic and can be your go-to- shoes during the summer. The best sneakers for building the foundation of your wardrobe should be ones that are simple enough to go with everything, whether you prefer a classic, like Chuck Taylor All Stars, or a luxury designer pair like Gucci.

Looking for where to start? Try kicking things off with the iconic Nike sneaker house but if you are that fashion-conscious person, you can explore other cool high-fashion brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Casablanca (these brands are known to sell out fast). If you can’t get your hands on these and other high-fashion brands, there are other affordable alternatives. The most important thing is finding the silhouette that sits well, be it slim, sporty or chunky in your favourite colour. Typically, you will find sneakers in black, grey and white. However, there are a plethora of distinct colours to choose from ranging from Neon, Red, Pink and other distinct colours.

This summer, step into Polo Avenue and you’re likely to spot some of our trendy and summer-ready collections below.

Flat Sandals

Sandals are a summer-must have for the discerning fashionista. Flat sandals help us elevate our summer outfits giving it that chic summer vibe. They are a very vital and practical item to own during this period. We can walk in them for hours on end and our feet can breathe. With a nicely done colourful pedicure, a pair of flat sandals stand out even more…. It’s obvious, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals. It is good to own one and even better to own two- one basic and one a bit more elegant for an evening outing, with rhinestones or small studs.

White Jeans

Jeans are seen as a staple in everyone’s wardrobe; however, a true fashion-forward person knows the importance of owning a pair of white jeans or pants. This should be your number one summer must-have in our opinion and cannot be missed from any summer wardrobe; the important thing is to find a cut that suits your body frame. A pair of great white jeans or pants can be paired with any outfit literally! You can create an all-white look or play with different colours ranging from white to neon.

White jeans look good, especially during summer. It acts as a perfect canvas that allows us to create perfect pairings even with the craziest of colours and garments of summer. In addition, white matches nicely with natural fibres such as straw, leather and any other natural material. You can pair your white jeans with statement jewellery pieces or fashion jewellery.

Walk into any of our Polo Avenue boutiques in Victoria Island or Admiralty Way, Lekki today to see and purchase some great summer-ready pieces.


Cross-Body Bags

The cross-body bag is a must-have this summer, you can opt for a medium-small cross-body bag that goes from day to night without a hitch in light or bright colours.

It has to be small enough to be elegant and compact enough to accommodate all your bare essentials. Depending on the shape or size, they must be able to fit everything you need.

Linen or Cotton Shirt

You can never go wrong in any of these summer must-have faves, they are often referred to as a great summer wardrobe classic. Donning a nice linen shirt sets the tone for a great night out with the girls.

These shirts, whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, keep us cooler than many polyester tops. They are known to have the ability to let our skin breathe and serve as protection from the harsh rays of the sun during the day.

These shirts are so chic! Far more than any low-cut top. Though they have their place, it is better to wear them when you want to enjoy a sunny day out or for an evening outing. There’s nothing wrong with having a white or black linen shirt, or even having both colours, but having a light-coloured one in your closet is certainly beautiful in summer. 

Maxi/ Midi Dresses

Super fun and flirty, a summer classic that is also a very trendy garment during summer is a beautiful maxi or midi dress. These dresses range freely in length and keep us cool during the day; they also hide a few extra pounds and are stylish for a nice evening stroll. They can be paired with a nice pair of flat sandals for a subtle look or high-rope wedges if you are going for the boho-chic look.

Straw Hats

Hats are summer essentials and will always be on the list of our summer must-haves. Worn in warm weather, straw hats are to summer what wool is to winter. When worn during summer, it helps to keep heat waves at bay while staying classy. When worn, it presents different vibes with the outfit it is being paired with. For floral prints or linen shirts paired with a straw hat, the vibe goes from “nerdy” to “I know what I’m doing”. It gives off an intentional retro vibe that people are attracted to.

This summer, wide brims are preferred as it is a great ally in sun protection; these hats have become the statement accessory of the day.

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